Video Poker Variations

Video Poker Varieties

Video poker is one of those casino games, like slots, where newer and newer versions are being constantly added to the list of video poker game titles. While there may be tons of new video poker games being created each and every day, there still remains four of the types of video poker that are essentially the most popular of all, including their relevant rules and strategies.

The very latest video poker titles even allow you to play up to as many as one hundred hands all at the same time, look out for great new catchy titles like Loose Deuces, the Triple Double Bonus and Aces and Faces. These names are catchy but they also related to the type of video poker that they offer. While there may be many different video poker titles out there to choose from, they all have the same basic things in common. If you want to be a good video poker player you must have patience, you must be willing to practice as much as possible and you must be aware of each and every video poker title’s specific pay out table so that you know what constitutes a good hand on that specific video poker game.

Deuces Wild

As we have previously stated, most video poker titles will give you some clue as to the exact nature of the game that they are offering. This is true for Deuces Wild where you can substitute any two or deuce card for any other card in the deck. This is because any two or deuce card is a wild card. This ability or feature that enables you to substitute any card in the deck with a two is what makes this game a lot of fun and really helps to increase your chances of getting a winning combination hand together.

One of the things that make Deuces Wild so popular is the payout percentage on the game. Deuces Wild pays out a whopping one hundred point seven six percent with a minimum pay out being on a three of a kind combination hand. Deuces Wild is considered by many to be the wildest of all single hand video poker games and is essentially an all or nothing sort of game. One of the key strategies to Deuces Wild is getting rid of as much as an entire hand if need be or whichever cards are not part of a winning hand combination. This is an essential strategy in Deuces Wild because getting rid of cards that do not contribute to a winning hand combination makes room for the wild deuces. Unlike a video poker game like Jacks or Better where it is more important to hold onto cards, Deuces Wild is all about getting rid of cards.

Jokers Wild

In a similar vein to Deuces Wild, jokers Wild uses a standard poker playing deck consisting of fifty two cards as well as a single wild joker card. This wild joker card can be used to substitute any other card so that you are able to create a winning hand combination. Jokers Wild is known as a kings or better video poker game which means that you will not get anything for a pair of queens or a pair of jacks. A royal flush will get you four thousand coins if you are on a five coin bet and will pay a thousand coins on a wild royal flush.

-pay close attention to jacks and queens in this particular style of video poker because they are only useful in a combination if you are building up a royal flush. Three cards that count towards a royal flush are also more valuable than a pair of kings or even a pair of aces. If you get a random hand that includes a joker you can get rid of all of the cards except for the joker card because you can use that card towards building a solid winning hand.

All American Video Poker

The All American video poke game is very similar to the Jacks or Better video poker game except that it pays out at one hundred and point seven two percent. This video poker game uses the standard fifty two card deck with no wild cards at all. The lowest possible winning hand that you can get in All American video poker is a pair of jacks.

In All American video poker a full house and a flush pays out at eight coins for every one coin that was bet which makes them the hand combinations to really go for. A strait flush is even better because it pays out two hundred coins for every coin that is bet. Other similar variations on this type of video poker include Tens or Better where you get paid for combinations from ten and up. Tens or Better generally produce more winning hand combinations.