Video Poker Strategy

Using the Two Main Types of Video Poker Strategy

There are hundreds of different online video poker strategies that you will find on a hundred different websites; ultimately it is up to you to find the video poker strategy that will work best for your style of video poker game as well as your specific needs when it comes to winning at video poker. There is no single guaranteed method out there that will work one hundred percent of the time but basic video poker strategy can be divided into two main camps.

Firstly you can decide to either pick one or another strategy but you have to then stick with that chosen strategy and make it work for you. You cannot under any circumstances deviate from your chosen strategy for any reason, especially where certain hands of video poker are concerned. Another choice is to use probability to decide which video poker strategy is going to work best for you in a given situation, this method of probability requires that you have two distinct strategies to choose from.

A good example of just how these strategies can be employed or are employed by die hard video poker players has to do with how a royal flush is often achieved. One strategy that is used constantly and consistently is from the first example where a specific strategy is chosen and not deviated from regardless of the hand that comes up. What this essentially means is that the video poker player who is specifically looking for the royal flush pay out, the highest pay out possible in video poker. The video poker player who is determined to get that elusive royal flush simply will not deviate from this objective, even if they land pairs or full house hands. These players will actually go ahead and break up those pairs and full house hands in order to achieve the royal flush, sacrificing good pay outs for great pay outs.

The second option is the one where two strategies are employed as and when they are needed, this is a bit different to the first strategy as it requires quite a bit more finesse and also requires some more in depth understanding about statistics. You also need to be able to think quickly on your feet and have a good gut feeling about certain hands. You have to constantly adjust your strategy slightly to accommodate each new hand that you are dealt.

A good example of this sort of strategy can be seen in the following scenario; you get a pair of aces which in itself is a payout hand. This fairly small paying hand but if you hang on to it you may have the opportunity to actually make it a much better hand. With those two aces you may also have a king, a jack and a ten card, this means that all you would need to complete this hand would be a queen, giving you a royal flush if the queen is of the same suit, getting any other queen will give you a straight.