Video Poker Rules

Video Poker Playing Basics

Video poker is a bit of a strange game because it is almost like a cross between draw poker and slots. this then means that the basic rules and game play of video poker also fit somewhere in between draw poker and slots games. The really cool thing about video poker is that it is not as complicated as poker is, it has fewer rules and a more simple structure but it still requires a bit more thinking and strategizing than slots does. Slots is more about deciding how many coins you would like to wager on the next spin while video poker still requires you to pick and choose cards in order to crate the best possible hand in order to win.

This then means that it is really important that you know the rules of video poker well long before you actually decide to sit down and play at a video poker machine, regardless of whether it is at a real casino or at an online casino.

The Fundamentals of Video Poker

Video poker is most often based on the five card draw in real poker. This means that you receive five cards; you are allowed to discard any number of the five or indeed all five in which case you will then receive five new cards or however many you initially discarded. The basic aim of five card video poker is to try and get the very best hand hat you can possibly get in order to win the highest amount of money that you can possible win based on that hand.

Five Card Combination Rankings from Best to Worst

  • Best – Royal Flush
  • 2nd best – Straight Flush
  • 3rd best – Four of a Kind
  • 4th best – Full House
  • 5th best – Flush
  • 6th best – Straight
  • Even money – Three of a Kind
  • Least worst – Two Pair
  • Worst – One Pair