Free Online Video Poker

Enjoying Video Poker Online For Free

Video poker games are very popular at online casinos because they have a very low House advantage and they are quite user friendly. Players are encouraged to play video poker with fake money first, i.e. free of charge, before they risk any real money deposits.

Free online video poker games can easily be found at online casinos and online gambling resource websites. Players can become comfortable with the game, the rules of play, the basic strategy and the gameplay without risking any money at all.

When a player does feel ready to switch to playing with real money instead of fake money, they are advised to find progressive jackpot video poker games and multi-hand variations of the game.

A Guide To Playing Free Video Poker Online

Jacks or Better

If players make use of the basic strategy when playing Jack or Better Video Poker offerings then they will benefit from a House advantage of only 0.5%. In variation of the game, players will need a hand containing at the very least a pair of Jacks in order to win anything at all.

Deuces Wild

When using a good basic strategy while playing Deuces Wild video poker games, players will shave the House advantage to a mere 0.7%.

Tips and Advice for Video Slots Players

While video poker is known to offer some of the very best odds in the online casino world, the House edge will differ from one game to another and from one casino to another. Players need to know exactly which games offer the very best odds and how they can improve on this by shaving the House edge even more through the use of a good basic strategy. Players should play free video poker offerings until they understand the odds involved and the best strategies to use.

Never play with real money if the House has an advantage of 1% or more. Look for an online casino that has video slots games that offer a return of about 99.3%. This would be the best place to play online video slots games with real money because you stand the best chances of winning here.