Video Poker

About Video Poker

Welcome to the video poker pager where you can learn all about video poker. There is tons of really great and useful information regarding one of the hottest casino games on the internet, whether you are new to video poker or already an experienced video poker enthusiast, you will find some useful information regarding the best places to play online video poker, learn interesting facts about the fascinating game and even practice and perfect your video poker playing skills.

What Exactly in Video Poker

Even though video poker is essentially named after poker it actually has a bit less to do with actual poker and more to do with slot machine style gaming. Video poker uses the basic five card principle of poker as the basis of an exciting video slot style interactive electronic game. Video poker is all about trying to get the very best five card hand or combination of cards that you can possibly get. Unlike real poker you do not play against other players, it is just you and the video poker machine and, unlike real poker, there is a fixed amount for every type of five card hand combination. Every video poker machine will have a relevant pay out table listing what it pays for every type of five card hand combination that is achievable on that specific machine.

Video Poker has a Low House Advantage

If you are looking for a casino game that has a lowest possible house advantage (the advantage that a casino has in any casino game, usually expressed as a percentage) then you really need to check out video poker. Video poker, when played really well, can have one of the lowest house edge advantages of any casino game. Video poker can be as challenging to play as any other casino game but if you really know what you are doing in video poker you can reduce the house advantage down to just about zero.

This fact does seem a bit too good to be true but it is, even though it seems crazy to think that the casino will offer a game where they could potentially lose money, especially on progressive jackpot games and long term games. The real reason why casinos can do this has to do with the way that the average player plays video poker. Most players do not have an organized strategy when it comes to playing video poker, most of them do not even believe that there is any kind of strategy involved in video poker, they believe that it is a completely random game and this is what the casinos are counting on. When someone plays video poker without a good strategy in place they will eventually begin to make bad or rash decisions, these decisions will begin to add up and this is where the casino will begin to gain an ever increasing advantage over the player. This is the most common scenario and so most online casinos believe that video poker, in the long run is to their advantage and not to the players advantage.

Developing a Good Video Poker Strategy

Most people mistakenly believe that video poker is just about blind luck. The fact of the matter is that this really could not be further from the truth. Video poker is one of the few casino games where the player can actually gain a clear and distinct advantage over the casino simply by adopting a good and consistent video poker strategy.

One of the key elements of a good video poker strategy is patience and consistent playing. If you are expecting a big payout every single time that you play video poker then you are not playing with a good video poker strategy at all. There is far too much pressure involved in trying to win big every time that you play video poker, this kind of pressure will invariably lead to bad playing, bad decisions and heavy losses. Playing with a good video poker strategy and sticking to it means that there is no pressure on you at all, the added benefit that is if you play with a good strategy you can get the house edge down to less than one percent which is almost like playing for free.

Jacks or Better Video Poker Strategy

Jacks or Better is one of the most popular video poker games of all time and adopting a good video poker strategy for playing Jacks or Better is quite easy to do. Every Jacks or Better video poker game will have a relevant pay table; this pay table lists the payout for ever type of hand combination possible on that particular video poker machine. All that you really need to do is check which hand combination you have against the list and stick with it. Look out for an s after a particular hand combination because this particular s symbol represents or means that that particular hand is suited, this means that it can potentially make a flush or royal flush.

While the Jacks or Better pay table and combination chart may seem rather complicated and complex, all that it really requires is a bit of study and you will be fine with it. Like many things in life all that it really requires is a bit of practice. One of the very best ways that you can learn to read this Jacks or Better pay table and combination chart is to find free Jacks or Better games to play on. Many online casinos offer their customers free games to play, this is a way of encouraging potential customers to play for real money eventually. You can use this to your advantage by practicing for free on these games without risking any of your own money.

How to Win with Video Poker

The game of video poker is most certainly one of the better online casino game s to play when it comes to odds. The game of video poker has one of the lowest house advantages of any casino games but don’t go thinking that you will be hitting a big jackpot any time soon. The fact of the matter is that a big jackpot pay out in video poker is fairly rare but because most players of video poker do not play with a good and consistent strategy they lose quite often, this means that those jackpots tend to grow quite quickly.
Ultimately the game of video poker is about having as much fun as you can. The game of video poker is designed to be easy and fun and you should play for fun and not think about trying to hit a jackpot with every hand. Of all casino games video poker is probably one of the most enjoyable and one of the easiest to play, playing for fun means that you will enjoy it even more and if you do hit the jackpot you will enjoy that more too.