Slots Variations

Different Slot Machine Variations

Slot machines are among the most popular of all casino games and have been ever since they were first introduced to the casino going public. The first slot machines were only single pay line machines that most often had only three reels. Today the humble slot machine has developed into a sophisticated multiple pay line machines with three, five and even seven individual reels.

Digital video technology has allowed slot machine game developers to develop cool video slot machines that include animations and action videos in between the gaming, these often include specific story lines and themes and they resemble high tech video games. All in all today’s modern video slots games are designed to be highly entertaining and convincingly realistic while at the same time winning you lots of money.

Free Slots Games

Free slots are a great deal of fun and are becoming more and more popular so more and more online casinos are now offering free slots. Free slots games are also known as fun machines or demo machines and they are actually designed so that you can see what a particular online casino’s slots games are like before you actually commit your money to them in order to play them for real. Many online casino slots players will actually use these free slots games as a sort of practice game which is also quite a handy way of honing your skills.

The downside to free online casino games is that they are ultimately an illusion because anything that you win on these free slots games will remain in the realm of fantasy. It is quite simple, because you are playing for free and didn’t put any of your own money into the free casino slots game, you cannot claim any winnings either.

Classic Slots also called Traditional Slots

Classic slots machines, also known as traditional slots machines are the original types of slot machines and they are actually making a comeback, especially among the online slots elite. The classic slots machines are very similar to the very first slots machines that were introduced as far back as the late eighteen hundreds, consisting of just three reels and a single pay line. These are becoming more popular today as a sort of backlash to the flashier and often over the top complex modern video slots machines. These traditional slots machines can be played either with just one coin or a handful of coins and popular titles today include Cash Splash, Wow Pot, Diamond & and Pharaoh’s Fortune.

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Five Reel Slots

Five reel slots can also be traditional slots but for the most part the five reel slots machines are more closely associated with the modern generation of slots machines. Five reel slots can also vary quite a lot in terms of pay line combinations, anything from one to fifty in fact. Five reels slots are also the most common in video slots and progressive slots titles as well.