Slots Strategy

General Strategy Tips for Slots Players

You may not be aware of it or even believe it but there are actually a number of important tips regarding points of strategy for playing slot machines. There is a great deal of myth and misinformation out there about playing successful slot machine games but here you can learn all about the true facts of slot machine strategies.

One of the biggest myths surrounding slot machine strategies has to do with looking for a slot machine that has not actually paid out yet. The idea behind this myth is that if it has not paid out yet then it will surely pay out soon. The truth of the matter is that all slot machine pay outs are controlled by a computer chip; these chips determine when a machine will pay out based on a series of complex pay out percentages. These pay out percentages are actually calculated over a long term period, as much as an entire year, this means that if you start to drop coins into a particular slot machine that has not yet paid out you could actually be dropping coins down an empty mine shaft!

Ten Strategies for Slots Playing

  1. Only play at those casinos that feature the highest pay out proportions
  2. Choose slot machines that are played often, this only really counts in real land based casinos and are known as high traffic area machines. The high traffic area slot machines generally pay out more often and sometimes feature higher pay out odds.
  3. Always consult the payout table on any given slot machine, regardless if it is online or land based.
  4. Try to play the maximum number of coins allowable. This is also generally mandatory on progressive slot machines anyway.
  5. Choose the best slot machine that allows you to play the maximum allowable number of coins that will still fit in with your budget or bankroll, play lower denomination machines that still allow you to play the maximum number of coins if your bankroll is limited.
  6. Ensure that every single coin that you insert or deposit into a slot machine actually registers; this is something that should never be rushed.
  7. It is a fact that slot machines that cost more to play at also pay out more often so lay these machines whenever you can afford to do so.
  8. Never play side by side machines at the same time because casinos will always put a low payer next to a high payer.
  9. Slot machines with multiple lines are better to play at than single lines.
  10. Never overextend your bankroll and always quite while you are winning.