Roulette Strategy

Hot Roulette Tips

The game of roulette is considered by most players to be a game of chance; the entire game works on a tiny metal ball spinning around a spinning numbered wheel, the results are truly random. While the game of roulette may be a game of chance there are still some very good tips that you can learn that will help you to play a much better game of roulette.

One of the best tips that you will ever learn about the game of roulette has to do with which type of roulette you choose to play. There are two basic types of roulette, the traditional original European roulette which is based on the original French version of roulette and the newer American roulette. Most players will tell you that it is far wiser to choose to play the European version of roulette. The European version of roulette features a single zero while the American version of roulette features a single zero as well as an additional double zero. It is this double zero that dramatically increases the house advantage to more than double that of the European version of roulette.

Learning how to make smart bets is another essential roulette tip. One of the worst bets that you can make in roulette is the single number bet. The single number bet carries the worst winning odds of any bet on the roulette table, a staggering thirty five to one. There is so little chance of that number coming in on a single spin that the casino house advantage is overwhelming. It is much smarter to make a bet that is very close to even money bets because these are the bets that carry the smallest house advantage, they may pay you less when it comes in but the chances of that bet coming in are much higher.

One of the most helpful tips you will ever hear concerning roulette may be surprising to you and that is to always play for fun. While this may seem silly or ridiculous it is in fact very good advice. This is because when you play for fun you will automatically be relaxed about your playing which will lead to you making much better decisions about the bets that you are making. When you play for profit you automatically put yourself under unnecessary pressure to win and you end up making bad decision, this will eventually cause you to lose.

Creating a playing budget and sticking to it is an excellent roulette tip. If you set yourself a limit before you start playing roulette and you adhere to that limit strictly then there is no way that you will have a negative roulette experience. Even if you lose the amount that you initially set aside for yourself you will be fine because you had already allocated that money for your game.

Another great roulette playing tip that has to do with creating a budget is to set aside your winnings. If you set aside your winnings and put it into a separate pile, don’t mix it in with your allocated budget then that will actually be your winnings, even if you spend all the money that you had set aside for your playing budget. This way you will always have something to show for your efforts.

There is a feature in roulette known as the parlay bet. When a player decides to parlay their bet what it essentially means is that the player simply leaves their bet on the table for another spin of the roulette wheel. The tip here is to never ever parlay your bet because this can lead to disaster and very fast losses. It is much better to assess each and every bet separately, never leave anything on the roulette table.

If you are playing online roulette you may want to find online casinos that offer free games. Free games means that you get to play at that casino for free, of course you do not make any money but the experience that you gain from practicing roulette free of risk is invaluable. You can also practice any one of the great roulette tips that you have learned today without risking any of your own money at all.