A Brief Background to Online Roulette

Online roulette is the latest version of the classic time honored game of roulette. Roulette was invented in Europe and is still considered by many to be the true classic casino game, now the online version is even more exciting and more accessible than ever before. Online roulette gaming developers have done their very best to make
online roulette as realistic as possible with the very latest sound and graphic technologies being used. The latest versions of online roulette feature realistic looking tables, a realistic spinning wheel and sound effects that make you feel as though you are in a real life casino.

The True Classic Casino Game, Now Online

Another cool feature of online roulette that you can’t always find in a real casino is variety. There are loads of different roulette games that are available online form French or European roulette to American roulette and even a mini roulette version of the classic game. You can even have different accounts at different online casinos that offer different kinds of roulette games and unlike a real life casino you don’t even have to travel to get to all the different casinos that you want to play at.

How to Play Online Roulette

Online roulette is no different from classic real life casino roulette; the only difference is that it is a digital version or a virtual version of the real casino game. The rules of the different real life roulette games are the same for the online versions of roulette and the game play is also exactly the same. Despite what many people think the game of roulette is not really that hard to understand or learn and in fact you can even start playing right away, so long as you have a basic understanding of the game.

Understanding Bets and Roulette Odds

There are two main types of bets in roulette, there is the outside bets which generally carry much lower odds and there are the inside bets which carry much higher odds. Inside bets are much harder to get right so their pay out is much higher. Inside bets pay thirty eight to one on the American roulette wheel and thirty seven to one on the European roulette wheel. In both cases of the American and the European roulette games the actual pay out for an inside winning bet is thirty five to one. This is for a bet on a single number only.

A split bet in roulette is when you bet on two numbers, the bet is actually placed between the two numbers so that if either number comes in you will win. This type of bet pays out a bit lower because the bet is split, the payout for this bet if you win is seventeen to one. The next type of inside betting option available to you is called a street bet. The street bet is basically when you want to bet on three numbers. The bet is placed at the end of a row; the chips are placed on the outside edge of the highest number of that row. The bet covers the three in the row and this is why it is called a street bet. The street bet pays out at eleven to one odds.

If you want to bet on four numbers at a time you have to place your chips at the intersection of the four numbers that you want to bet on, this is called a corner bet and this type of bet pays out at eight to one. Betting on five numbers at a time is simply called a five number bet and is achieved by the player placing his chips on the upper left hand corner of the number one. In American roulette this bet covers numbers zero, double zero, one, two and three and pays out at five to one odds.

The line bet is also called the double street bet and it also pays out at five to one odds. This is similar to a street bet except that the player now places is chips on the line that intersects the two rows covering six numbers. Outside bets are a bit easier to place and also come in a bit easier than inside bets and this is why their pay out is much lower than inside bets. The fi9rst of the outside bets is the dozen bet. The dozen bet pays out at two to one odds and is a bet on any dozen, first dozen, second dozen or third dozen.

The column bet is similar to the dozen bet in so far as the bet covers twelve numbers. There is a two for one box where the player places his chips and this bet pays out at the same odds of two to one. The low or high bet is the beginning of the most simple of outside type bets and is simply a bet on whether a low or high number will come in. there is a low or high box where chips can be placed and this bet only pays out at one to one odds.

The even or odd bet is similar to the low or high bet except that you either bet on an odd number coming in or you bet that an even number will come in. the bet also pays out at one to one odds and is one of the most popular types of bets because it is very easy to do. Another bet which is actually exactly the same bet is called the red or black bet, just like odds or evens a player will bet that either a red number or a black number will come in. the bet also pays out at one to one odds.

Basic Roulette Strategy

While the game of roulette may be a game of chance there is still some basic strategy that you can use to get the best chances of winning. The most basic and effective of all roulette strategies is to only play on the European wheel because the European wheel has one less number than the American wheel. The American wheel features two zeros, a single zero and a double zero. These two zeros effectively double the house strategy from two and a half percent to five percent.