Online Casino Frequently Asked Questions

Most online casinos make downloading and installing their software exceptionally easy. All players have to do is select the download software option and choose where exactly on their computer they would like to save the online casino’s software.

Setting Up- Downloading, making a deposit and gambling online

How can I go about downloading the online casino’s software to my computer?

All players need to do to download the casino’s software is click on the download link on the online casino’s website. Downloads go relatively quickly when using a broadband internet connection. Once the download has completed, players simply run the installation program and select where on their computer’s hard drive they would like to store casino software.

Is there a minimum age that online gamblers need to be?

In most cases, online casinos accept all players over the age of 18 years old. There are a few casinos that will only accept players who are 21 years old and older though.

How do you make an online real money deposit with an online casino?

The answer to this question will depend on the online that you choose to play at. Different online casinos accept a range of different payment methods. Generally, players can choose between traditional payment methods such as credit card payments and direct transfers and more modern methods such as e-wallet payments.

Security at Internet Casinos

Will by private info be kept confidential?

Many players new to the world of online gambling are very concerned about just how safe their private information is when divulged with the online casino. This is completely understandable because casinos request valuable personal information such as credit card numbers and identification documents. The good news is that online casinos prioritize security. Most online casinos make use of eth same level or security as banks and financial institutions do. A 128 bit SSL encryption is the most popular form of security used by most online casinos.

Are the gaming results at online casinos truly random and fair?

This is another concern that many newcomers to the online gambling scene have. The answer to this question is yes, all the results truly are fair and random. This is because leading online casinos make use of state-of-the-art Random Number Generators (RNG). These Random Number Generators make sure that the outcome of all games, spins, rolls of the dice and cards dealt mimic the exact odds that players face when playing at an actual brick and mortar casino.

General Online Casino FAQs

Are online gamblers able to communicate with one another?

Most online casinos do give players access to an onscreen chat feature that allows them to communicate and chat with other online players at the casino in real time.

What are multiplayer games?

Most online casinos give players the opportunity to play multiplayer games. These games are enjoyed by a few different live online players in real time. Some online casinos have multiplayer games constantly in progress and others give players the opportunity to invite a few chosen players to a private multiplayer game.

What is UIGEA?

The UIGEA is also known as the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act and this law was passed in the USA in 2006. This law has made it very difficult for US players to find online casinos at which they can play. There are still a few online casinos though that still accept players from the US.

What are progressive games at online casinos?

Progressive games have progressive jackpots up for grabs. This specific type of jackpot has no set amount and grows with every wager made by players on any of the connected games. Progressive jackpots are known to grow to be massive before being won by a very lucky player.

Online Casino Bonuses

What are online casino match bonuses?

A match bonus is a bonus that is calculated to be a certain percentage of value of the player’s real money deposit. For example, if a player deposits $100 into their casino account and they are awarded 40% match bonus then they will be given a bonus to the value of $40 so that their total bankroll after making the $100 deposit is $140. The casino will state what the maximum bonus on offer can be as well the betting requirements that will apply if the player chooses to accept this bonus.

What are maximum bonuses at online casinos?

When an online casino offers a bonus to its players, they will always specify what the maximum bonus on offer is. For example, if the casino is offering a 50% match bonus with a maximum bonus of $100 then the highest bonus the player can expect to receive is $100 irrespective of how much money they actually deposited.

What are no-deposit online casino bonuses?

These bonuses are bonuses credited to a player’s account without the player having to make any real money deposits. The no-deposit bonus is generally a lot smaller than the deposit match bonuses on offer. Players will also have to meet strict wagering requirements when playing with no-deposit casino bonuses.

How do comp and loyalty points work?

Most online casinos will have some sort of loyalty program in place. These loyalty programs reward players with loyalty points or complimentary points each time they gamble at the online casino. These point accumulate and one a certain amount has been earned, players can swap them for privileges, cash or prizes.

What are referral bonuses?

Many online casinos offer referral bonuses as an incentive for players to recommend the online casino to friends and family members. A referral bonus is a certain bonus that is given to the player every time they successfully refer someone else to a particular online casino.

How do reload bonuses work?

Reload bonuses are deposit bonuses that are offered to existing players at a casino when they make deposits into their casino account. While the reload bonuses are generally not as big as the sign up or welcome bonus on offer, they can give a player quite a bit of extra playing time for their money spent.

Can I make a withdrawal if I received an online casino bonus?

This is a very popular question asked by those new to the online gambling world. If you choose to accept an online casino bonus then you will also be accepting all the terms and conditions that govern its use. This generally means that players will have to meet betting requirements set before they can make any withdrawals from their online casino account.

The Classic Casino Game of Roulette

What sort of House edge exists when playing roulette?

The European version of roulette gives players much better odds than the American version of the game. This is because the American version of roulette has a massive House edge of 5.36% and the European version has a House edge of only 2.63%.

Do the results of previous spins of the roulette wheel influence future results of the spin?

Many players have lost quite a bit of their bankroll because they believed that the past spins of the roulette wheel somehow influenced the future spins of the wheel. In reality, every spin of the roulette should be treated as an isolated case because it is completely random.

The Game of Blackjack

What sort of House advantage exists when playing blackjack?

Players who take the time to hone their blackjack skills and strategies can shave the House edge to less than 1% when playing blackjack. However, if you simply rely on the luck of the draw and make random moves when playing blackjack then you will face a massive House edge.

Do other players at the blackjack table affect you?

The other players at the blackjack table have nothing to do with you at all. The game of blackjack is a game between you and the dealer. Not one that involves anyone else seated at the blackjack table.

Is it possible to use card counting when playing online blackjack?

Card counting strategies cannot be used when playing blackjack online because the shuffling is random and takes place before every hand is dealt.

How do blackjack tournaments work?

Blackjack tournaments are very exciting and they are quite similar to online poker tournaments. This is the one instance where the other player’s moves will affect your game.

Online Slots and Video Poker Games

Why do experts recommended always betting the maximum amount of coins when playing video poker and slots games?

Experts recommend placing the max bet possible because mathematically, this will allow the player to walk away with the most possible winnings at the end of their gambling session.

How can some video poker games offer a positive expected value?

This is mainly due to the fact that the majority of video poker players do not know how to use a good video poker strategy that maximizes their chances of a win. Thus, the smart players have an advantage.

Online Craps

What are the available bets in Craps?

While there are numerous different bets available at the craps table, most experienced players only place Pass Line bets, Don’t Pass bets, Come, bets, Don’t Come bets and Odds bets as they present players with the best odds possible and the lowest House edge.