Craps Strategy

Winning Strategies For Craps Players

Casinos do not simply leave everything up to chance and luck. They make sure that they always have the edge. This is because the casino cannot survive if it does not have an edge over the player. It needs to win in the long run because otherwise it will go out of business. Players do not think of gambling like this. Most gamblers do not think of gambling as an income and as a result of this, they do not implement strategies that will help decrease the House edge and increase their chances of winning. The truth is that casinos use strategies to make sure that they have the best chance of winning so why players not do the same thing?

There are quite a few gambling strategies floating around but most of these don’t work at all. An effective craps strategy will ensure that the player’s edge is increase, thus decreasing the House’s advantage while still practicing responsible gambling habits.

There seems to be a consensus that the best Craps strategy is to shave the House edge. This tactic will be discussed below.

Shaving the House Edge

The outcome of a craps game depends on a roll of the dice. There is nothing that the casino or the player can do to legally influence this. Players need to find the craps game at an online casino that has the best odds on offer and they continue to shave the House edge some more. By doing this, they will be increasing the odds in their favor.

The simplest and most straight forward craps bets have the least House edge. Players can then continue to shave the House edge even further.

Selecting the very best Craps Bets

Bets on the Craps table with the least House edge:

  • Pass bet
  • Don’t pass bet
  • Come bet
  • Don’t come bet

All these bets have a low House edge of only 1.40%

Bets on the Craps table with the most House edge (stay away from these):

  • The Field bet (House edge of 5.6%)
  • Big 6 / Big 8 bet (House edge of 9.1%)
  • Horn bet (House has massive advantage of 12.5%)
  • Craps 2/ Craps 12 bet (House advantage of 13.9%)
  • Any 7 bet (House edge of 16.7%)

Odds Bets

Players should always opt to add an Invisible Odds bet to the most promising bets. If you study the game of craps, you will see that the odds bet is generally not showcased at the craps table. Dealers will not prompt players and there is not clearly defined odds bet area on the craps table. This is because the casino knows that it is in their best interest if players do not place an odds bet. The odds bet eliminates the House advantage completely.

More tactics that players can use to decrease the House edge when playing craps:

  • Only bet on Pass/Don’t Pass areas of the table and choose the highest odds bets possible.
  • Only place a Come or Don’t Come bet if you are ahead.