A Quick Guide To Online Craps

The craps table is quite busy and many new players feel completely lost and intimidated by all the betting available to them. The truth is that craps is a relatively simple and straight forward game to learn to play. One of the main reasons why many players choose to play craps online is because they don’t feel that pressured and they can take their time learning the ins and outs of the game without feeling embarrassed.

The Pass Line Bet

In the beginning, players place their bet on the pass line section of the craps table. Simply move your chips to the edge of the area clearly marked “pass line bet”.

How the game works

Next, the player moves their cursor and clicks on the onscreen dice. The dice will then roll and the number it lands on will determine the outcome of the bet. The player will automatically lose their bet if the dice lands on number 2, 3 or 12. This is called “craps”. The player will win if the dice lands on numbers 7 or 11. This is called “a natural”. If the dice lands on any of the other numbers then this is referred to as “the point”.

An Odds Bet

The odds bet is a bet that players can choose to add to their original pass line bet once “the point” has been rolled. If the player makes their point then they will win their odds bet. It should be noted that no House edge exists on the true odds wager so players stand a good chance of winning quite a bit here.

Don’t Pass Bet and Don’t Come Bet

The first roll of the dice is called the “come out” roll. While there is a lot of betting activity that happens with this roll, players can bet on every roll of the dive if they feel inclined to. Players may make a come bet once “the point” has been rolled. This acts as a fresh Pass Line wager.

Players are also allowed to place a don’t pass and don’t come bet if they believe that they will seven out before they manage to roll their point. There are other bets available on the craps table and each of these bets has a clear and simple explanation. Players are encouraged to practice and play craps for free to familiarize themselves with all the betting options available before they switch over to playing with real money at the craps table.