Blackjack Variations

Types Of Blackjack Available

There are many different variations of the classic game of blackjack available online. Each version of blackjack will have its own set of rules that go along with it. This means that players will have to gain many hours of experience before they can call themselves a master of the game.

The newer variations on offer at online casinos cannot be played using the “classic blackjack strategies”. Players need to learn how to adapt these classic blackjack strategies so that they can work for them when playing the new blackjack variations on offer.

The Different Variations On Offer

The classic version of blackjack comes in a few varieties that are quite similar to one another. These variations of classic blackjack can be played with 1-8 decks of cards. There may be some casinos where the decks are shuffled automatically and continuously. Also, the rules dictating whether a dealer has to stand or hit on a soft or hard 17 can differ from one casino to the next.

Spanish 21

This particular version of blackjack excludes all 10s from the cards used to play the game. Spanish 21 is played with six or eight decks of cards. Players can enjoy relatively laidback rules of play which allow them to surrender and hit at any point during play.

There are many lucrative payouts that the player stands to walk away with other than the payouts awarded for 21 combinations. One of the additional payouts when playing Spanish 21 is when the player is dealt three 7s from the same suit and the dealer is showing a 7 as well. Players can then expect to be paid anything between $1 000 and $50 000. The fact that all the other players at the blackjack table also receive a small payout is a really nice touch.

Double Diamond Blackjack

This variation is also known as “Super Fun 21 Single Deck” Blackjack. Players should be aware that they will double the House edge if they insist on using the basic blackjack strategy when playing this version of blackjack. The thrill and laidback rules on offer at the Double Diamond Blackjack table make this one of the more popular newer variations of blackjack though.

Double Diamond Blackjack is played with one 1 deck of cards. If a player hits a blackjack with 2 cards of the diamond suit then they will benefit from a payout ratio of 2:1. If they hit a blackjack with cards from any other suit then the payout ratio is only 1:1. Many of the Double Diamond Blackjack rules are similar to some of the Spanish 21 rules of play.

6:5 Blackjack

6:5 Blackjack is another single deck variation of blackjack which means that games are played using one deck of cards only. Players can expect a pay out of only 1.2:1 when they hit a blackjack instead of the usual 1.5:1. This is quite a turn off for many blackjack players and needless to say, this variation of the game is not as popular as Double Diamond for example.